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Infant/Family Coaching

Home Visits

“How is my baby’s development?”
“How am I doing as a parent?”

Breastfeeding Support
  • How can Mom and Dad coordinate feeding?
  • Is pain from breastfeeding a challenge?
  • Does your baby not latch on?
Newborn Behavioral Observation

A relationship-based tool designed to foster the parent-infant relationship by observing the baby’s capacities birth to 3 months of age.

Tummy Time Guidance

What is it? Why is it important? How do we do it? But my baby hates it!

Developmental Screenings

“What are my baby’s strengths? Where could s/he use developmental support?”

Fussy Baby Support

Fussy baby? Don’t know what to do? Nothing works?

Feeding/Sleeping Concerns

“Is this normal? Should I be concerned?”

Postpartum Screenings

Both Dad and Mom need screening – it can affect baby’s development

Care Coordination

Assistance with navigation of Healthcare Systems.

Dads and Development


Teaching and Learning




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